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Welcome to! offers a revolutionary cloud mining platform, with scalable mining rigs managed by professionals. We offer the easiest cloud mining platform. Just sign up for free and you can start mining for as little as $1 USD. If you already use digital currencies, it's time to generate a stable passive income instead of just letting them sit around. Using state of the art machinery we have partnered with a leading provider in renewable energy for our cloud mining rigs. Sign up and start earning up-to 2% daily profit for 55-65 days depending on your contract length. Our Bitcoin Starter Cloud miner pays 2% daily for 55 days for a 110% profit. Cloud Mine BTC Ltd implements dozens of projects related to the organization of processes of cryptocurrency mining and electronic currency trading through popular online exchanges. The inflow of funds provides a non-stop process of the company's earnings, which is evenly distributed among investors, physical mining rigs and miners, depending on their hashing power. We guarantee free registration in the system, stable profit paid hourly or daily, and round-the-clock access to your user account and funds, automatic processing of all your transactions and, of course, instant withdrawals.

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  • Legal Company from the United Kingdom
    Cloud Mine BTC Ltd has undergone the necessary registration procedure and legally provides cloud mining services worldwide.
  • Modern Mining Equipment
    Our company promptly monitors all trends in the cryptocurrency mining marketplace - it allows us to optomize our mining rigs when it is the most beneifical and profitable time do so. We monitor all mining rigs in a timely manner, update the hardware and buy the most productive mining equipment.
  • Sustainable Cloud Mining
    Cloud Mine BTC Ltd offers unique cloud mining opportunities by maintaining machines and offering the hashing power to users around the world. You can make up-to 2% daily.
Why do people choose

For starters, our customer services is unmathced in the cloud mining industry. Cloud Mine BTC Ltd makes mining safe, forget high-yield we have crunched the numbers and offer a sustainable mining platform. It distinguishes our company among others in the cloud mining management marketplace. Signing up for an account is free and you can start mining for as little as $1 USD. We pay consistent profits from 1.5% to 2% daily.

Progressive Daily Income
Your daily earnings depend solely on your cloud mining rigs hashing power, this can can be upgraded. Each of your deposit is considered it's own mining rig.
Instant Payments
When your balance reaches the amount of $10 USD, you can use the function to make a withdrawal request. All requests are processed automatically, and money is instantly sent to the details you specify. Only on very rare occasions does our system automatically flag a withdrawl for manual processing.
Affiliate Program
Our one-level affiliate program is an excellent instrument for generating passive income without even your own investment, and also offers the ability to re-invest your funds to start cloud mining yourself.
Cloud Mining Worldwide
We cooperate with hundreds of representatives in dozens of countries, as we have partnered with a leader in renewable energy cloud mining technologies around the world.
Maximum Protection is bank level encrypted and secured. Your funds are 100% safe from would be hackers. Your account is under reliable protection by the leaders of the digital security market.
24/7 Support
We offer 24/7 support via social media. You can reach us all the time and as soon as someone is in office, we will respond. We work normal business hours from 9am-7pm EST.
Cloud Mine Bitcoin offers a simple and transparent cloud mining platform. Users can regsiter for free and start mining for as little as $1 USD. Users are paid hourly or daily to their account and all funds can be withdrawn instantly. Miners are set up as soon as network payment confirms.

Daily interest: 2%
Hourly interest: 0.083%
Minimal investment sum, USD: 1
Maximal investment sum, USD: 100
Investment term: 55 Days
Payment Days: Sunday
Daily interest: 1.92%
Hourly interest: 0.08%
Minimal investment sum, USD: 101
Maximal investment sum, USD: 1000
Investment term: 65 Days
Payment Days: Sunday
Daily interest: 1.92%
Hourly interest: 0.08%
Minimal investment sum, USD: 1001
Maximal investment sum, USD: NO LIMIT
Investment term: 70 Days
Payment Days: Sunday
Profit calculator
Before using the profit calculator, please understand we only offer 2 plans. 2% daily for 55 days at 110% or 1.92% daily for 65 days at 124.8%. All profit is paid daily or hourly depending on the cloud mining plan. You just need to enter the amount of the deposit to get the desired result!
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How does it work?

To become a cloud miner you need to regsiter for a free account. From there you can deposit funds and pick a miner. You do not need to be a mining rig expert, no need to worry about machinery, electricy costs or maintenance as we manage everything for you.

Register an account
To become a full-fledged member of you need to register a free account.
Make a deposit
Determine the size of your deposit, and then you can start generating a hourly or daily profit from 1.5% to 2% daily, (minimum deposit is $1).
Withdraw profit
Withdrawal is available as soon as your account balance is $10 USD. To receive a payment, you need to submit an application in your personal account, which will be processed instantly.
Affiliate Program

To be honest, we could not be successful without your help. Our website helps users from around the world start mining and earning a daily profit. That is why we offer a flat 5% referral program for all of our affiliates.

Take advantage of cooperation with the company! offers a one-level partnership program that provides an affiliate reward of 5% of the deposits made by your referrals.
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